Assignment 1


‘Design a series of at least three postcards (final size A6) that say something about who you
are, your interests in graphic design and your wider cultural influences or interests’

Postcard 1

POSTCARD 1 - FrontPOSTCARD 1 - BackFront                                                                                Back

Postcard 2

POSTCARD 2 - FrontPOSTCARD 2 - Back  Front                                                                               Back

Postcard 3

POSTCARD 3 - FrontPOSTCARD 3 - BackFront                                                                                 Back

I decided to justify the text to get crisp white space against the line of the pictures. The only snag is, I have what is called a ‘widow’ and an ‘orphan’… I don’t know exactly how bad this is?! 


My tutor has pointed out various areas for me to think about. Ironically, I felt taking photos actually was outside of my comfort zone, as its an entirely unfamiliar process for me to make my own images! I have used free stock photography for web design projects up until now. However I absolutely see the point that my approach could be broader and more experimental. In hindsight it would have been interesting to combine these images with a more varied layout and perhaps highly contrasting media – perhaps pen and ink, collage, fabric or paint effects. Or what about some handwritten typography?

Overall though, I am pleased with the look of these cards, both in terms of unity of the set, and that it does convey the mood of my home, interests and tastes.


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