Swipe File

I hoard a lot of images that catch my eye, some on paper, but mostly on my laptop.  It really helps to look and absorb first…but I’m a bit guilty of looking and collecting for ages, to avoid actually getting started on my own ideas!!!



This is a screen shot of my colour inspiration folder, it goes on further, but this is the gist of it. There are various colour wheels etc, colour combinations i like, that people have posted on ‘Colour lovers.com’ in the palette area

Other jpegs are colour combinations I have experimented with on the Kuler website

I have a folder full of poster designs I like (again, there’s more!)



… also here’s a folder of screen shots of web designs which inspire me.

Web Design Screen Shots

And I collect various extras that interest me such as bits of advertising


Or the Orla Kielly designs that I have posted in the ‘Bits and Bobs’ section of this blog.


The Eventful Tavistock card was given to me by a local printer, its not obvious from the photo, but the card is very nice quality.




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