Book Cover Design – The Covers


I used free stock photography for this project from

The Country of the Blind.

I was looking for images of eyes, snowy mountains and pebbles (the villagers mark their paths with pebbles) But not pebbles on a beach!

Here are the roughs

country of the blind


I rejected these for various reasons, the font (Bleeding Cowboys) didn’t suit the cover, the large size fights with the background image, the stone shape forming the top of the head might be a bit too surreal etc…So, I decided to use the font Candara, though I still think maybe its not the best choice, its very simple.

The Time Machine

I was looking for images with clocks and watches, then something that was a dandelion isn’t very original!  As before, I used layer masks, and altered the opacity to blend the images. I erased the top left of the image to give some room for the type, and create contrast.

More roughs (starting with the original images)



The Island of Dr Moreau 

I decided against photo-shopping several animals together as per the story, and managed to find a great picture of a puma, plus some tropical island greenery (Hawaii, I think) As before, I used a coloured spine, and the same font, to tie the covers together.



The Finished Covers

cover with both images

cover 6 RGB

RGB puma


I hope the titles are clear enough, I didn’t want them to be huge, but maybe they are whispering??

Here’s an alternative to the first design, I liked the simplicity of the face. I don’t know if I got away with the drop shadow under his eye? Not sure if I should have re-shaped it to look more natural, or used dark lettering instead.




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