Visualising Your Ideas

‘You have been asked to design a leaflet for an organisation, inviting people to volunteer for a task’

I chose a community garden project, and used A4 paper to experiment with. I imagined this project may not be using professional printing equipment, hence the paper size.


In this first idea, I folded into unequal ‘thirds’, with a narrower strip marked with a dotted line, for people to fill in and tear off . This narrow section would have pictures on the reverse side, so the user wouldn’t have to lose any of the text from the leaflet (see below). I marked out 2 columns within each section. This is just possible to fill with small type, but would read rather like a newspaper column, and each row of words would fall below what’s considered most comfortable to read. Also, a major consideration is this doesn’t fit inside a standard envelope!


Next I thought about a standard leaflet folded into equal thirds, with a cut-out of a flower for interest. But I think this would be out of their budget.


This type of folded leaflet actually stands up fairly well despite the paper being quite thin. I considered types and thicknesses of paper…Obviously if they are printing from home, an ordinary printer can only cope with thin card.

Next, I experimented with another set of folds , this doesn’t work at all, the width is fine for an envelope, but as it opens out like a map, I feel the layout doesn’t correspond to the front at all, and could be confusing to view.


This next idea is about how to display the leaflets. I had the idea that if people were attending an open day about volunteering for the community garden, there would be an opportunity to interact with the leaflets. Here I have simply folded a batch into A5 size, and imagined that people have been invited to sign up on a form. Once completed, they roll up the paper, tie it with the string provided, and leave it in the plant pot (I’m also imagining there is an explanation of what to do inside the leaflet, or displayed next to the plant pot.)



I did a rough of what the cover of the leaflet might look like, then added it to the display. My final idea was to make the flower design perforated and invite people to fill in their name and email on the back, remove it from the leaflet, and add it to a display. I’m imagining an open day has a board pinned with colourful flowers from these leaflets. Perhaps the board they are pinning flowers to is a large hand painted stalk or pretty green lawn with a target number if flowers they are hoping to collect.

Possible drawbacks – any perforated paper would involve professional printing, and it may be difficult fitting all the type written info on the remaining space,


Since this post, I have talked to my local printer, and asked about various topics including the cost of perforating paper. She explained it does add a quite a lot to the cost, and would depend on the shape of the tear off section required. the cheapest option would be to have a separate loose sheet of paper with a simple straight line.





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