How do you approach being self-critical?

As with everyone, the answer to that, is probably ‘it depends what mood i’m in!’

Some of my questions can be quite constructive. How can this be improved? Does it work? What if?….The flip side is , if I have lost confidence , or become frustrated, and I feel something is going wrong, then I can’t let things go.

Its quite a new concept for me to realise that ‘mistakes’ are normal when you learn though! When I’m open to that thought , it really helps.There’s some sort of quote along the lines of’ ‘fail harder, fail better’, which i like. And that you ‘become an artist inch by inch’. (No, I don’t know who said either of these quotes!)

I do like friends and family offering supportive criticism. (Though I can’t cope well with ONLY being told what’s wrong!) Name one good thing, one bad, is a helpful starting point.

When I build a website, feedback and revisions are part of the process.  If someone contacts me to say they are pleased with what I’ve done, it feels great. But its really embarassing  if I think I’ve nailed something, but the design isn’t right. I feel like I should have spotted it!  I always need a bit of time and to look with a fresh eye to assess things better, I also feel less attached to something if I’ve stepped away from it for a bit.




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