Poster Design – Research and roughs

The first step was to pick a subject for the poster. Luckily I got a large flyer through my letterbox, which has plenty of events and information on the Tavistock carnival. So that’s my subject.

Here’s the flyer, and the events


These roughs try to list all the events

image image


Then I thought about both simplified versions (particularly on the left here), and ones including more text.  I really enjoyed doing these little thumbnails on paper, its so different to storing multiple versions on computer. I’m still getting used to working out ideas visually on paper using pictures, not words, but its really satisfying!



Occams Razor feels a very helpful concept to bare in mind at this point.

But it doesn’t go on to explain how you might tackle this situation: The organisers of the carnival have just sent you a word document with all the information they would like on their poster. Now suggest cutting 90% of the text.

I discovered the word for organising lots of information in a clear way is called ‘Infographics’.,. Here’s a couple from a great website called Daily Infographics. It has a large array of categories, from serious to funny.  The tree one is so elegant, and I chose the one on loneliness as its such a ‘taboo’ subject.

Trembling Giants


Another good website is This poster is really fun1






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