Poster Design – Finished

1 – The Simple Poster

I realised the most simple layout of all is probably the title, and the dates. I opened up illustrator, made a custom  colour palette and saved it in the User Defined section of the Library. I wanted to keep track of the colours, or I just get confused! Here it is. The font is James Farjardo.

orange poster -simple



2 – Full Text Poster

Next I added all the text that had been cut using the idea of a diagonal layout shown in one of my roughs. The fonts are Airstream and Myriad Pro Condensed.


diagonal text carnival darker green2-01



3 – The Final Poster

This is my finished poster, I’ve tried to solve the problem by keeping each snippet of information in its own ‘bubble’.

Multi Carnival-01

Not sure my eye is travelling comfortably down this poster, maybe all the circles should be physically touching… or  the pink is wrong? I think I could do with some advice on this one.





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