Assignment 2


Card with envelope                                                        Net ready for print*

Best card with envelope1 Best net-01

*Well, almost – obviously I had to convert to CMYK, and the actual net requires several little slits which I had to make with a craft knife on the card

.First card with envelope VectorBoxNetFIRSTBOX WITH DIAL 1 Happy card with envelope Happy net

Happy Days of the Week, Best..Friend etc, and First..Kiss etc.

And the real life print offs… flat, and assembled into a box.

image image

And some additional cards, as I think there’s rather too much blue!

I had to make a few adjustments for the reversed out lettering… I opened up the tracking a bit., and the white stroke appears heavier than a coloured one (it must be an optical illusion) so I have tried to allow for this.

Best Net alt colour

VectorBoxNetFIRST ORANGEHappy PINK alt 3

I have tried hard to explore something ‘different’, but I have a few doubts. These cards can be propped up flat, but they need to be assembled to really stand up. This could intrigue or irritate the receiver!  Perhaps, like any card, it  would be a matter of judgement about who to send this to!


My tutor has asked me to consider the following points

A) the environmental impact of using solid blocks of colour – are these essential on all sides of the box? – I really didn’t think of this, and now I can see I didn’t need to apply colour to the base and tabs!

B) why are the second letters a different colour to the rest? Is this necessary or a visual distraction? –  I’m not sure this works…my motivation was to try and create visual interest, and echo the colour of the disc.

C) If making it into a box makes the card front small then does it need to be a box? Could it be something else instead? – This is quite a tricky question! I confess I don’t have a firm idea of how to achieve this, but yes, in theory, you could produce a card in kit form that could be constructed into just about anything…perhaps something like a bird or an animal, an outfit to fit a paper mannikin, or card jigsaw pieces that fit together to make a piece of typography…something that opens ‘out’ rather than folded up would increase the size.

D) Does the novelty of the box structure outweigh the cost? – That is really dependant on the cost of manufacture*. One way to significantly cut costs, would be to produce an ordinary card with the net printed on it, and instructions to “cut along the dotted lines”. 

*My local printer doesn’t offer die-cutting, but presumably if this sort of card were manufactured (!) it would require a more specialist company, and rather a lot of expense.

As suggested, I have taken delivery of some beautiful paper samples from G F Smith, and have written about it in a separate post



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