2000 Colour Combinations


I treated myself to this book… Only to open it up and find page after page of rather ‘yucky’ colours!!! Not what I was expecting at all! It’s always a subjective thing, but I was so surprised. My mum paints, and didn’t like them , nor my partner, who loves colour.

That said, I do like the section at the end, which takes real life examples, and samples the colour range of each photograph (fabric, a sea shell etc) It’s also a very comprehensive book. I think the ‘yuck factor’ has quite a bit to do with the lack of neutrals or white space in between colours. So I think it would definately be possible to be inspired by certain colour combinations, and use them with white, black, pale tints and neutrals, and they could look lovely. Perhaps this book is about ‘raw ingredients’!

This is such a vast, and sometimes very technical subject, so I feel I have a lot to learn. It can be baffling sometimes, when colours are ‘correct’ according to theory, but just look horrible.


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