G F Smith Paper

Oooooooo. SO lovely! I never knew paper samples could be so yummy. I emailed this company, on the advice of my tutor, and the area rep actually asked to pop round my house the same day! I panicked a bit, wimped out, and they posted it instead. So glad they did, it’s so beautifully packaged, and really sparks the imagination. image image


I have now had the opportunity to take these samples to my friendly local printer. They loved them too! Apparently they don’t often deal with this company, although they do stock one of the purples. Although they are very happy to work with this supplier, apparently its quite rare to receive requests to print on card/paper from a specialist company. The printers had quite a range of their own existing card and paper types but did warn me that as they are a small company, they don’t have the necessary equipment to provide a full range of printing options, such as foil blocking.


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