A Visual Diary

Start a scrapbook, sketchbook or use a blog to document the visual world around you…Reflect on what you have been collecting: are there dominant themes emerging? You may find yourself interested in a particular area of design, era or design product. What does this tell you about your own visual language and cultural awareness?

My Collection So Far

Hmmm…I’m a bit of a hoarder at the best of times, so basically this is permission to squirrel away all sorts AND feel good about it!

OK. I get interested in quite a lot of stuff. I have recorded some of them elsewhere in this blog, under Research and Reflection – Bits and Bobs.


I quite like looking at completely different creative things, like textiles and sculpture. But one theme I keep returning to is colour. I don’t know what the hell I’m doing with it yet, but I know I like it!  I have just been given a huge pile of embroidary silks. I could happily sit and arrange, then re-arrange colour combinations, it just feels lovely!

My friend Rach  (Rachel Burch) is a professional photographer. I love looking at her work.




I have a plie of books on silversmithing and jewellery making. (I was able to do a six month evening class at Plymouth art college a few years ago) It was great to learn all sorts of silversmithing techniques, which is an interesting way to work in 3D. Our class only worked in metal, but some modern jewellery designers use all sorts of materials, from paper mache, found objects to plastics. Really fun and sparks all sorts of ideas.

I also get a bit sad and anoraky looking at adverts, packaging and magazines.



Graffiti and vintage stuff also floats my boat.

Enough waffling, here’s the visual bit.


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