Seeing the Light

“Using only an image of a light bulb, the word ‘light bulb’ and a block of colour of your
choice create different designs that explore visual dynamics”

Here are my pen and paper roughs. I’m starting to understand how useful it is to start layout on paper rather than a computer, the ideas seem to flow easily from each thumbnail to the next.

photo 3photo 1photo 2

Next I opened photoshop, and used the quick selection tool to isolate the light bulb. I chose Bahamas bold for the font; I thought the curves echoed the curve of the lightbulb. I’m not 100% sure its a good choice though… It would be interesting to repeat this exercise with other fonts, if I get time I might re-do this!

I ended up with a huge number of photoshop variations, which where culled them down to about 20. (I found quite a lot of ideas weren’t very strong,and didn’t transfer to screen that well)  Then I resized the resulting jpegs as a batch, and placed them into this single file.


I don’t know if duplicating the image is “cheating”?! So I just sneaked one on at the end.






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