“For this exercise you are going to make a montage or collage with a political message.
Your subject matter could be a current issue, or something that you feel strongly about
such as animal rights, the treatment of elderly people in hospital or images of women in
the media.”

Here’s some collages I found that caught my eye

collage ref2 Photoshop Collage ref1 photoshop-collage Photoshop-montage

After some pondering, I decided to make my collage about modern life. Its more of a question rather than a statement , about the freedom we have, and how we use it.  Its seems to me a very recent thing that some of us humans have been able to scatter far and wide. Just a few generations ago, not many people emigrated, or could afford foreign travel. If someone told you they had just been skyping their sister in Australia, or married someone from another country, you wouldn’t think that strange. But in the UK, it is unusual for large extended families to live together, or to have all your close ties within walking distance. The question is, as we scatter, are we happier or feeling lost?

With this topic in mind, I did a creative commons search online. I restricted the search to only images that have been marked as available for non-commercial re-use and manipulation.

Here’s what I found

flockOfGeese lake tahoe Mountain_Bluebird buildings photo 1

I used photoshop to isolate the images and layer them together. This was my first idea


Its OK, but I wanted to include the bird, and I wasn’t sure if I had positioned the bridge very effectively.

I can’t say  layer masks etc are effortless yet. I’m still at the stage where I have to briefly look up certain techniques to refresh my memory. I use a small handful of short cuts, eg T for type, V for move, ctrl + T to transform, but there are lots more I could learn. Despite working through an entire learn by dvd programme, with something like 30 hours of tuition, I know I’ve only scratched the surface!

Maybe I should have searched for more images, or tried other variations, but here are my two finished versions, one warm (optimistic?), one cold (pessimistic?)

Human Migration

human migration orange2

human migration blue2








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