Assignment 3



futuraPinkfuturaPinkSidewaysallaboutpinkOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Poster 1



Poster 2



Poster 3




Poster 4





In response to my tutor’s suggestions, I have made some changes…

I have re-worked my cupcake a little to try and bring in a bit of irony/quirkiness by cutting out shapes relating to “men”, such as a hammer, screwdriver and boxer shorts. If time permitted I would have liked to explore this even further, but I hope this is a more interesting development. You have to look twice to see the objects, which I quite like! Obviously the question I am trying to pose is playful, but really, why do we assign masculinity or femininity to objects or dress?


I also re-introduced the green letter “i” into the poster, as my lack of confidence led me delete it previously! What does it mean? Well I think it really is open for the viewer to decide, but I was aiming for a pared down distilled “essence” of colour. Its on the edge because it is a colour sometimes attached to people who are pushed to the margins, but have plenty of fight! A sort of “pink punch” of defiance perhaps, as I don’t feel this is a “weak”, “weedy” colour!


I’ve printed my posters off at A3 size, and will be posting them for assessment.


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