If The Face Fits – Part 2

“Now identify which fonts you would use in the following commissions:

A short story in a woman’s magazine entitled “I thought I loved him; now I’m not
so sure” (Text 1300 words and headline font)

An advertisement in a parish magazine asking for more helpers on the flower
rota (A6 landscape)

A poster to advertise an after-school club for boys aged 13 – 14. (A3 sized)

Your friends’ engagement party (A5 sized)”

We have been asked to mock-up each of these commissions, so this has been the perfect opportunity to not only experiment with fonts, but also get to grips with Indesign. I mentioned previously, this is the part of the Adobe suite I’m least familiar with, so its been fun using it…

I’ve only just scratched the surface, and there’s plenty more to learn, but having learnt to wrestle with unpredictable layout with web design, this is much easier because it stays put!!! Hmm. I shouldn’t get over confidant about these things should I?

Women’s Magazine Short Story

I downloaded 1300 words of dummy text first, to get an idea of the size of the article. It extends over more than one page, but here’s just the first page for now. Common advice is to use a sans serif font for the headline, and serif for the body copy (or vice versa) The point being to avoid fonts that are too similar, as it can all look a bit mis-matched.

First font pairing: Titan One (Headline), Minion Pro (Body text).

Hmmm. Boring!


Second font pairing: Mistral (Headline), Arial (Body text)

I think this has potential…(maybe sort out the leading)

IthoughtILovedHim Mistral

Third font pairing: Katerino (Headline)  and Myriad Pro (Body text)

This is my favourite! I worked it up a little further, using a character style for the first line of each paragraph. The text is set quite large at 14 pt, so it covers three pages, including a placeholder picture. It does fit in a double spread at 11pt,  but I wanted to make the text large enough to be clear on screen.(…and have room to play with text wrap around an image)

(Please click to enlarge)

3 page katerino

3 page katerino2

 Parish Magazine Advert

I thought about this one from various angles. Is the parish magazine very formal and conservative? Or a bit more modern? Do they have the budget for colour?

The first font I considered is Trajan. Its a formal sort of font, I imagine might be used within a church setting. The only problem is, I only have one weight, and the font is all capitals. So what should I pair it with for smaller sized text?

Here’s a basic mock-up, to see what text works…First Trajan with Sitka (12pt)

trajan sitka-01

I don’t think this combination works very well. the small text isn’t very clear, and the relationship does seem to have the problem of being similar-but-unrelated.

Here’s Trajan and Candara. I chose Candara as it has a slightly delicate feel, and  is sans serif. I think traditionally it was thought that serif fonts are generally more readable over larger blocks of text. But you can see why sans serif is widely used on screen. Its definately clearer!

Trajan Candara-01

Here’s a black and white mock-up for low budget printing (I imagine the parish magazine needs to watch its pennies)

Church Flowers 1-01

I think maybe I went a bit overboard playing with the flowers here! They are made from asterisks of different sizes. Fun!!!

Next I returned to Sitka to see the subtle difference it makes when you stick to one font family. This is all Sitka below (Sitka Banner at 43pts and Sitka Text Italic at 12pts). But I don’t like the the way I’ve styled this at all – it doesn’t convey the subject matter very well. Bit bossy and shouty/business-like?

A6 Landscape Church Flowers Sitka

Its not easy on the eye to read capitals spread over four lines either!

Sitka again – nope, I think this just looks rubbish. Even though its the same font family, it just doesn’t pull together at all. I think all one weight, lower case would look better.

Church Flowers Sitka2-01

Here it is in Bradley Hand

Bradley hand-01

The design still looks a bit weedy to me though, so I’d like to try a different idea.

Assuming the church has the budget for colour, and is wanting a rather more up-to-date sort of style, here’s my final idea.

This is Bickham Script and Myriad Pro.

A6 Landscape Church Flowers Sitka

And reversed out using Bickham Script and Candara.

Church Flowers candara and bickham2



Hopefully it might appeal to a modern female audience (not that men aren’t invited to help with flowers but somehow I think more ladies will be interested in this sort of thing!)

 After School Club

I looked through the text to see how to group the information, and where to place the emphasis. Then I did a basic arrangement again to get started. This is a large scale poster  but obviously I couldn’t actually upload it at full size!

The font is Angelina. I included the stars as a bit of interest, and right aligned the text. (Though this needs a tidy) I get the feeling this is a bit nicey-nice for the target audience though!

Boys club right aligned


How about Stencil Std Bold? I could have used army colours for a different effect too. Angelina remains right at the bottom as a contrasting bit of text. I prefer this, as I think it has more emphasis.

Boys club stencil bold


And this font is Scratched Letters. I had to scratch the question mark, as it doesn’t include one.


scratched lettersDone2-01


And here it is tilted!


scratched letters

Your friends’ engagement party

This is obviously meant to be relaxed and fun, going on the text provided. It also says the couple would like it to look like a night club flyer. I hovered between slightly tasteful and kitsch depending on the font. I think this was my favourite brief!

This is Clive Barker, with some gradient backgrounds, with Myriad Pro. I don’t think these work that well…They need a bit more oomph!


Next is the retro Airstream, which doesn’t look like much until you add a stroke to the letters.


And Angelica with Calibri. I like this blue gradient!

angelica and calibri-01angelica and calibri2-01

I’m not claiming these are tasteful!!!

Its hard to know when to stop with all this experimentation, as you could go on and on with trying different fonts, but hopefully my choices make some sort of sense!


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