“Using about 500 words of Lorum Ipsum (or other dummy text) you are going to design
three different pages:
• an interview with a TV actor in a listings magazine entitled: Will Sheila tell the
naked truth?
• a review of a new piece of hardware or software in a specialist computer magazine
• a book review in a newspaper’s weekend edition.”

 TV Listings Magazine

Here’s the budget tv listings magazines, shown on a previous post. Depending on the price point, they are either very busy and colourful, or slightly calmer (eg The Radio Times)


We were asked to mock up a page, and give 3 different font pairings for each magazine page. I used my font management tool to browse different font options, with the relevant text typed in.

font screen shot


NOTE – It really makes me cringe that I have mis-spelt her name throughout!!! Unfortunately I didn’t spot this until my tutor pointed it out. It would have been very helpful to ask someone to proof read.

I also thought it would be fun to include an image, which isn’t easy when it comes to getting permission, but I did find this one. Here it is, imported into Indesign. (Please click to enlarge)

It would be great if “Shelia” looked a bit less clean cut, and maybe a bit older too… I can’t help  but imagine big hair and a nice bit of red lippy!

This font is Cooper Std. I chose it as its a bit playful and chunky!

Sheila screen shot cooper

And Gunshuh. This looks a bit typewritten, which I think suits the style of a “confession”!

Sheila screen shot gungsuh

And Hobo… its chunky, curvy, and not too serious.

Sheila screen shot hobo

I then had to think about font parings, and wrap the text around “Shelia”. This was fairly straight forward, as I just drew around her with the pen tool, and set the text wrap accordingly.

Here’s  Hobo and Calibri (12pt) I named my fake magazine TV Crazy. So tasteful eh. I quite like the leading tight, each row of letters look like they are sitting on each other.

hobo and calibri yellow

Next is Gungshu and Arial (12pt)…slightly more tasteful colours this time.

gungshu and arial

And Cooper Std with Cordia (12 pts).  (Cordia fits in a higher word count than the other body copy fonts)) You can see that I’ve chosen sans-serif  12pt  fonts for each one, as I think they all contrast OK with the headers.

cooper and calibri2

For comparsion, here’s Hobo and Asperjita, which is a serif font. Despite the mix of serif and sans-serif, because Hobo is curvy, I think this isn’t such a good pairing.

(Please click to enlarge).

hobo and asperjita


Computer Magazine

I looked through several photoshop and web design magazines for reference with this brief. As you might guess, the photoshop ones are reasonaby colourful, but the web design ones tend to be quite pared down and no-nonsense!



I chose to go fairly minimalist, and mock up a double page spread on (fictional) anti-virus software. I really think the whole article works best in a plain sans-serif font but I experimented a bit along the way.

This is Calibri with Minion Pro. As  you can see, I separated the paragraphs with a line break, and included a table with a score for each product.

computer calibri and minion pro

This is Futura with Baskerville for the final section below the table. Futura doesn’t seem particularly well suited to the large body of text, but it was interesting to see that for myself. I adjusted the kerning between the “f” and the “t” in the header, and the leading in the body copy.

futura and new baskerville


Finally, here’s Calibri again, but extended throughout the article except for the final section at the bottom, which is Cambria (which seems quite clear to read in italics) I also decided to justify the text this time, as an alternative option.

computer calibri and cambria

On reflection, I think I’ve made the drop caps a bit weedy – I used the same font size as the sub-heading, but on looking at this with a fresh eye, I think it could be larger. Also, maybe the colour evokes something like a tax form?!! Which is as about as excited as I get about anti-virus computer software – maybe I went a bit too boring!

Newspaper Review Section

As this page is for a book review,  I re-used one of the covers I made for a previous unit. (Obviously the emphasis here is really on typography, but its fun to include images!)

I looked at various newspapers, and they seem to have quite a lot of similarity in style. I chose to make mine the size of the local paper, simply because 500 words fits on it with loads to spare. I’ve used 5 columns, and stuck to serif typeface only. I feel that it works best to use the same font family, and simply vary the size and weight.

Here’s the first variation in progress, you can see I’ve just imported 500 words, which leaves a great deal of empty space on the page!

Newspaper screen shot Adobe Caslon

My first thought was to insert the picture at the beginning of the article. but on looking at actual newsprint, they tend to put pictures in a few columns into the piece, so I did the same, and split the page, as though another article appears below it.

News rview Page Caslon

I noticed not all papers actually use  justified text, so I’ve gone for left aligned (ragged right) for the version above. The other fonts I tried out were Garamond (justified) and Cambria. The former is noticeably more delicate, and fits in a bigger word count.

News review Page cambriaNews review Page cambria

This is my final version in Adobe Caslon.

News review Page Caslon full page


I’m fairly pleased with this, but its not perfect! I really do like this kind of task though, I can’t really say why, i just love it!


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