Magazine Pages

“Choose a magazine and work out the grids they have used…draw up a two page spread using the same grid as the magazine. Select a title and images, and see how many variations you can come up with.”

I decided to use Psychologies Magazine for this exercise. It’s got a bit more to it than Heat magazine (yep, that’s not hard)!  It took quite a lot of measuring and head scratching to work out the grid in terms of getting accurate measurements, but it helped a lot drawing it all out on paper.


Here you can see that I scribbled a fair bit on the magazine pages before drawing out the grids.



What emerged, was a two, and three column layout, with a 1.5cm left and right margin, with a 0.5cm gutter. Obviously there are variations with how these layouts are divided up, but that is the underlying structure that I was able to identify (the column width actually works out at 5.3cm)


image image

We were asked to identify the font. I hopped over to and spent about three quarters of an hours scouring the magazine for a capital “J,” and so on…. It came up with a match


But take a look at the letter Q! Here it is in the magazine…Nope. Not a match.


Honestly, from  now on I’m going to just look for existing fonts that I have on my computer as a nearest match, as I really did enter the information carefully but didn’t get a good result!!

Not that I’m sulking…..

Anyway, the nearest typeface I have is Aparajita, so thats the one I’m going to use. I decided to use the theme of  home, as this can be quite a broad subject, and I drew up some roughs to get an idea of the possible layouts…

Idea 1

I have chosen the title “No Place Like Home”. This one uses cupcakes, as baking is quite a homely sort of thing.(I know they’re not original but I do have a girly streak I like to indulge sometimes!!!)  I previously drew some vector artwork I can use for this, so I won’t get myself into trouble over copyright either!image


Idea 2

Next up, I have a gorgeous photo of my house rabbit Pete, and my dog Finn. Pete the rabbit died a few years ago now, so this pic is extra special to me.





I’m not completely sure how well the large amount of red will work, obviously one option could be to change the colour of the  fabric in photoshop, but it might be OK as it is.


image image image


Idea 3

Hopefully this one is a little quirky when it comes to our ideas about the concept of “home”.


The next stage is of course to work these up on the computer. First I used the cupcake from a previous assignment, as I thought it would make quite a fun image.


As I place it into Indesign, it occured to me that maybe it works quite well enlarged and cropped like this..

Cupcake Home Layout 1C

Here’s another cupcake one, this time with my vector pics. I could have fiddled with this further by altering the colours or enlarging. Here’s a layout in progress, but I thought this is a bit busy

cupcakes 2 full bleed too busy


Layout 1 (This is my favourite I think)


Cupcake Home Layout 2


Layout 2 with some variations.

I don’t really like the proportions of the text above and below.


Cupcake Home Layout 3B

I prefer this one…

Cupcake Home Layout 3C

And here’s a pull quote!

Cupcake Home Layout 3D


And here are the furries! I found this one more difficult to arrange…It may be too plain, but I wanted to knock the text back, and let the picture dominate.


Finn and pete layout 1


Here’s the pic flipped horizontally. I could have beefed this up further by creating a dark background on the left hand page and reversing out the text. Psychologies magazine often has quotes with a large opening one  (with a smaller or missing closing one) so I’ve used that effect here.

Finn and pete layout 2B


And here’s the pic on the opposite page.


Finn and pete layout 2A


Lastly, is the “hut!”

Hut layout 1A


Hut layout 3

I’ve again decided the image ought to be more important than the title here, but I don’t know if this is also a little “quiet”. I suppose it depends on the tone of the article, and the intended readership. I’m also not sure if the heading is in quite the right place as maybe you could use the vertical line of the edge of the hut to align the text?

Anyway, that’s it!



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