Giving Information

“Find some examples of information graphics. What can you learn from them and when
would it be appropriate to use a similar design solution? For this exercise you are going to describe your immediate surroundings using information graphics…” 

Some magazine infographics…a flow chart.




And more charts….



Here’s a lovely one I found online..

Education Infographic 66

And a more sober one, which is maybe just a chart rather than an infographic?!


There are plenty of  websites devoted to this subject such as Cool Infographics, Daily Infographics etc… Some display facts, such as a historical timeline, or clusters of information, grouped into flow charts.

Some display statistics and data. Often with graphs, percentages or maps (depending on the subject) So I couldn’t resist playing with the graph options available in Illustrator, and an “arc circle chart” made with my custom brushes. So here’s what I came up with. They look so pretty, maybe I can shoe horn in a graph somehow?!!!!



Anyway. Obviously I need a suitable topic for this, so I chose my kitchen….

And quite quickly wished I hadn’t (!)

The difficulty is how do you display information in a way that isn’t like a drawing of a kitchen plan? In hindsight I actually think I would have been better off drawing my kitchen units in one point perspective and labelling everything with a key. Similar to this example here with the large points of info (though this is an aerial view of course)


As it is, I don’t think I have really come up with any good solutions here, but blimey I tried!


This is a rough plan of where things are in my kitchen, but I got a bit bogged down by deciding categories, and all the different levels of cupboards and draws at different heights.image

How to colour code? By location or food/non-food? Hmmmm…

(The dots are items on the worktop)


Thinking about adding some “statistics”….

image image

This one is the most abstract…


How much detail should I go into with a key? Do I need one?! Arrgggh.


OK. I decided on an aerial view with statistics. Here it is as a computer rough. I’m not sure how to explain this view – a splayed aerial view?!

kitchen plan rough


And my final colour version with the (entirely pointless) statistics

kitchen plan3

Does anyone need to find their way around my kitchen? Could they?

As I said, I think a more conventional drawing of a kitchen might have worked better, but this certainly got me thinking a lot about problem solving. Whimper.




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