Poster Research

“Posters have a long and rich history documenting everything from boxing matches to
Bollywood films, the Soviet Revolution to punk, encouraging young men to join the army to
persuading women to buy bras. There are many collections in books in museums and
galleries and on the internet. Find out more about your own particular areas of interest.”

Like most people, I get drawn to a variety of posters, so its hard to pin down a particular subject or era. I began by looking at  English and French vintage posters that caught my eye. My theme (if there is one!) is posters based on illustration. I could have equally focused on mainly on typography, or photographic elements.

This is a screen shot of the  Jules Cheret’s work. The main website is

Cheret worked as a painter and lithographer. Many of these examples are from around the 1890s.

Jules Cheret


Art Noveau  obviously features in many areas of design. Here’s some Alphonse Mucha advertisments. (Not that I want to be advertising Nestle)

Alphonse Mucha

Alphonse Mucha2

Alphonse Mucha3

This is by french artist Paul Berthon


This lovely one is by  Isiah and Benjamin Lane



Aubrey Beardsley. I love the impact of the black and white with the flowing lines.(I hadn’t seen this particular one before!) Its also a little creepy (or is that me?!)


I found this website which has a good article on Art Noveau

And its nice to drool over vintage posters you can buy here!


They also have an interesting section on how posters were traditionally made

When looking at vintage posters, you can see that they are produced by painters and illustrators. As time moves forward, posters become more “graphic” looking.

German Designer and former architect Ludwig Hohlwein.   “Hohlwein was the most prolific and brilliant German posterist of the 20th century” – Poster historian  Alain Weill


A M Cassandre (real name Adolphe Jean-Marie Mouron) was born in 1901. He set up his own advertsing agency, and worked for many large companies of the day.





And  fashion illustrator Rene Gruau, who worked for many decades, spanning much of the 20th Century. This first one was produced in 1949. The second in 1987. (I haven’t been able to date the third unfortunately)

Rene Grau 1949 bigChristianDior

Rene Gruau 20

Exhibition Poster of Gruau’s work, I love this!


This poster was produced for Braniff Airlines by an unknown artist, but I include it, because its just so sweet! (These two are from as you can see by the watermark)


And here’s a more typographic one for contrast


I  really could go on and on of course….there are a huge quantity of vinatage posters, particulary advertising food and drink, and travel. Naturally they are heavily influenced by art movements belonging to their era such as art noveau or art deco. But you can also see the influence of vintage posters in more modern designs. This one is from the 1980s

bigVillemotOrangina (1)


Ken Bailey vintage inspired cats and dogs!

Ken Bailey

And here’s a modern day digitally produced poster in a retro style





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