Poster and Flyer

“You have been asked to design an A3 poster and an accompanying double sided A6 flyer
to promote a singing course run by an organisation called SingOut (all one word). They
have very little money so want to print these posters on their black and white
photocopier. You can use a colour paper if you want”

I have experimented with a variety of styles here, from rough and playful, to more serious. It was really interesting being restricted to black and white, and also consider what shade of coloured paper would actually allow the ink to show effectively.

I had various ideas, and haven’t worked them all up on the computer. Some might come in handy for other projects.


This design is simple and clear, using Myriad Pro. The drawback is of course that it is reversed out, and would consequently use a lot of ink.

Lighter sing6-01

Here it is  printed out


And in plain dark ink on coloured paper. I chose blue because its fairly bright. I felt pastel coloured paper would be rather weedy, and red or purple too dark.


Here’s another very pared down one, using Clement PDai. I needed an “s” shape that would curve upwards and give me a “platform” for the word SingOut to sit on. This is one of those ideas I might re-use elsewhere, but not for this project, I feel its a bit too serious and doesn’t really reflect the subject effectively. A different style “S” would allow me to run the little word”SingOut” vertically instead  (see rough)

sing diagonal-01

This letter “s” is from a typeface called Clive Barker, combined with Futura. Again, I wonder if its important to make the theme of music more obvious.


sing diagonal 2-01

Here’s some ones with a more direct reference to the theme of making music. Here I used the pen tool to draw a treble clef, then changed the stroke to a dry brush for a distressed look. The font is A Little Pot, for a scruffy playful feel.

In my rough, I had curved the text around the shape of the clef. I was experimenting with contrasting the relaxed forms with neat left aligned text here, but I’m not sure how well this works.

A3 Poster

treble clef 3-01


A6 Flyer –  Front

treble clef 4 small flyer Front-01

A6 Flyer –  Back

treble clef 4 small flyer BackB-01

This final set are some variations based on musical notes. The serif font is Pistilli. Looking at this, I should have emphasised “Learn to Sing”!

sing 12A-01

sing 12DNewBigNote-01


You may need to squint (or tilt your screen) to see the light grey background shapes here!

A3 Poster

sing 9B-01


A6 Flyer –  Front

sing 9B Flyer Front-01

A6 Flyer –  Back

sing 9B Flyer Back-01

I’m not really clear how much free rein a designer has when working with copy. For example, if a client has provided all the text they wish to include, can you re-arrange the order?

How about re-phrasing/editing? And what if their feedback is that they would like the phone number or other contact details in large capitals?!!!!

I have experimented a little here with leaving out the cost on some versions, as maybe the charity might want to give this information when people make enquiries instead. Maybe the client would prefer I was more specific that there is no need to read music, and this could be added to the flyer. I”m not sure how much you are looking to grab attention, versus add all the info possible, particularly on the poster.


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