Chance Housing Association

“The Chance Housing Association has been set up to try and help first time buyers get
onto the housing ladder and they want you to develop a brand image for their stationery”


We were asked to look at real life estate agents and housing associations. Here’s a selection. These are estate agents… you can see a couple are typographic only…

fulfordsabode  miller and son



And these are Housing Associations, all of these have some sort of illustrative logo.

dch group dcha-logo logo3 NorthWalesHousing_logo QXHA_CMYK sanctuary sovereign westwardtamar housing Wesley-Housing-Association-Ltd-3640 west devon

But this is my favourite! Pretty darn swish for Cornwall eh.

coastline housing

Although we have been asked to only use typography, I couldn’t resist a little experimentation with some rough sketches.

photo 1 white

photo 2 white

This is the little pic I would use.


OK. Back to the brief. We were asked to consider key words for this housing association –



Appealing to young people

You can see here, I was thinking about the lettering, what sort of typeface would reflect the “character” of the company, the angle, and the thought that the “h a” in chance also stands for housing association.image

I feel these straight lines are a bit boring, and maybe not friendly enough.



That brought me to consider a curved section for the main lettering. And some colour options, to reflect youthfulness, action and friendliness. (All open to interpretation of course!



I thought it best to start in black and white on the computer Here’s some very plain sans serif typefaces – Corbel, Comfortaa, Dax Light and Century Gothic. I  like Century Gothic, so I’m a bit miffed to find some folk online are now declaring it should be avoided along with the usual suspects, comic sans and papyrus. Tsk.

chance housing sans serif-01

It seems a bit like being a teenager again,  when someone  decides a band are so uncool because they have become  just far too popular and mainstream?! Well as you can see I’m using it anyway, So there.


chance housing

I like these colours, Here’s a few business card variations in blue. Not the most exciting but OK.



I wanted to inject a bit more character into the design. Here’s several fonts, and a few colour combinations. I’m not keen on the purple!


Chocolat Bleu


Fancy Not Medium



Classic Robot



And my favourite – Colombian Stroke. Its more obvious with some fonts than others that I’ve enlarged the letters “h” and “a”. By adding the curve, I think it just adds a bit of interest, and perhaps echoes landscapes…

The only thing I noticed on printing these out, it is that the serif typeface isn’t all that readable at this size, and colour. I changed it to Myriad Pro, and its a lot clearer.





image image


Once I had decided on the design, I created a matching letterhead. here are two versions.




And to finish, we were asked to print out a low quality black and white advert to show suitability fir a newspaper advert.

image image



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