The French Hen

“Newton and Ridley, the brewers best known for their pub, The Rovers Return, are opening
a cafe/wine bar nearer the city centre….This bar is to be called the French Hen and will
be in direct competition with the cheap ‘binge drinking’ venues on the same street. The
brewery is also trying to enhance its own image as a ‘respectable’ alcohol vendor.

They want you to develop some ideas for a logo, to be used:
• on covers for the food and cocktail menus
• in colour on the signage outside, and as a cutout for a window detail
• on T-shirts for the staff and paper napkins
• for one side of a beermat, the other will carry advice on sensible drinking”

I began by researching wine bars etc online. One source was from the best bars in London as recommended by Time Out. Surprisingly, not all of them had particularly strong identities online, though others looked great!

Anyway, I ended up also searching elsewhere, and coming up with quite a large selection of reference photos. here they are:

And here’s a cut out displayed in a window


First I brain stormed around the subject of cafe/bistro/wine bars and the name french hen.


And some of my quick sketches in slightly varying styles


I like this one the most


It seems a good way of potentially representing the hen, aside from drawing one, is to use something symbolic of a hen, such as a hen house,  eggs, egg cup,  a feather, or tracks. I googled tracks. I don’t think this is particularly original, but surely paws prints are used even more?!

chicken tracks google

I wanted to think about circular logos, so again, heres another search.

Ooooh this one is lovely!


And there’s more….



image image image


image image image

A few more thoughts…


I worked up three logo options, the feather, a claw print and a whole hen. Here’s the hen. I used live trace in Ilustrator to get a nice vector. It came up really crisp. Yay.

You can see that a line drawing logo looks rather weedy, so I think I’ll use a sillouette.


Right then. We were asked to be aware of falling into cliches and stereotypes. So I had to get this one out of the way first!

french hen2

And some variations using the claw print.

french hen5 business card1french hen5

Another variation

french hen

The fonts are Little Days and Watermark. I like the idea of a circle logo with a ribbon, but I want to think about some different colour schemes.

I decided on quite a bold but sophisticated one (I hope!) with white, black and chartreuse. I’m not so keen on the grey (middle one, but I really like the other two. There’s a bit of a mis-match with the height of the numbers, you can see the difference in the last one.

frenchHen12.french hen4 frenchHen16

My final colour scheme is softer and more subdued. (Aiming for classy!)

french hen4 frenchHen10 frenchHen9

You can see the “scratchy” font works best with the claw. Any I prefer the loopy handwritten font with the hen, and feather.

Next I enlisted the help of my partner to act the part of the bar owner. He chose this colour scheme, with the claw print. (Yay!)

So here’s the final range for the French Hen Bar/Bistro.

Business card




Beermat (square, with web address as requested by the “Bar Owner”)




T shirt




Mock-up of Shop Front. I didn’t include a cut-out in the window, but the logo would scale up if needed, or the hen could be added if the owner preferred. (At this time he opted to leave cardboard out of his window !!!)


I really loved doing this, now I just have to open shop and find some customers!!!!






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