Evaluation Statement

I feel it makes sense to discuss my work chronologically, and I’ve picked a selection of “highlights” to illustrate my learning “curve”. At the beginning of the course I had limited experience of design, and a keen thirst to learn as much as I could. As with everything in life, enthusiasm is a good start, but isn’t the only ingredient needed…I think I have a rather “puppyish” approach to my work, rushing in sometimes without solid planning. The importance of a planning process has slowly grown for me, but to be absolutely honest, I still need to discipline myself.

This is quite possibly an excuse, but because I have some experience working for web design clients, I’ve found it difficult to “let my hair down” during this course. This will sound horribly dry and unimaginative, but I have a habit of treating the brief though its for a real client. I want to produce a pleasing result (as much as I can with my limited skill level) quickly and efficiently. Anything too time consuming or experimental just doesn’t fit a budget. I totally realise this is very limiting, as the whole purpose of studying is to explore and experiment – I just have to be aware of my inner bias on this one.

Blog entries I would like to highlight for the purposes of assessment are:

1) Visualising Your Ideas  (from Coursework, Part 2) This task was fun to do. I spent quite a lot of time thinking about how to problem solve, and engage potential volunteers. I hope its fairly appealing, though I think my paper folding is pretty basic.

2) Point of Sale Display (from Coursework, Part 2) By this stage in the course, I had struggled with posters and book jacket covers, and experienced a fair bit of frustration with work that didn’t pull together (I like things to look nice dammit!) So, I include these fruit and veg because even though my tutor felt they should be more dynamic, I still like them! Maybe they would be better suited to an illustration brief.

3) Signs and Symbols (from Coursework, part 3) An exploration of the symbol for love. An opportunity to explore  and develop an abstract shape. I learnt the need for consistoncy here as my shape varied in proportion along the way

4) Seeing the Light (from Coursework, part 3) This was the first moment I began to grasp the meaning of visual dynamics! I feel my understanding as wobbled since then, but this exercise was so helpful to me)

5) Abstract Cities (from Coursework, part 3) I really love colour. Its certainly interesting to learn about colour theory, and I have poured over various books on the subject, but its great to get stuck in  and experiment.

6) If the Face Fits Part 2 (from Coursework, part 4) Gaining  a bit of confidence with typography here, I really enjoyed picking the appropriate font.

7) Hierarchy (from Coursework, part 4) Despite my terrible spelling which is really embarassing, I loved getting to grips with Indesign, though it can be very fiddily fitting in a specific word count, and I need a lot more practise.

8) Magazine Pages (from Coursework, part 5) I’ve included this as I spent a lot of time on my paper roughs, and the finished project

9) Poster and Flyer (from Coursework, part 5) I really had to think hard about this brief, particularly due to working in black and white. I’m going to be getting some real life practise soon, as I’ll be making some posters and flyers for the Plymouth branch of the Samaritans fundraising events. I wish I felt more confidant!

10) French Hen (from Coursework, part 5) I loved developing this logo, with more time I would have explored the scale more, as my tutor pointed out the circle is rather dominant.


Please use the drop down menu at the top of the page to view all 5 assignments. Assignments 3, and 5 have some accompanying  printed work I have sent by post. Thank you for reading all this, I hope all the links work smoothly!

NB You are currently on the home page, please don’t scroll down any further down from here, as the layout of this blog displays every post on the entire blog, and it will be very time consuming to view!!!


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