Coursework part 2 – Travel

“A holiday magazine called Travel has asked you to develop a grid system to support the layout of photographs, content and details about individual destinations across a range of pages. Develop a grid system that can be used to show a range of destinations, present articles about the places, and support dynamic use of photography and typography to communicate the energy and excitement of these places. The clients want the magazine to feel more like a coffee table book or journal that people want to keep rather than a throwaway flick-through magazine. The content should be readable but also challenge the reader to reassess what they think a travel magazine could be.

As the brief indicates a rather more upmarket magazine, I chose to use Pixabay to access some very nice quality images to use. (I don’t have an archive of my own exotic holidays!)

As I used paper for the previous exercise, rightly or wrongly I started digitally this time, as I’d already gained an idea of measurements and what they look like translated to ‘real life’.

My first attempt was to have a master page set in 3 columns, then to use a four column grid.


This gives flexibility in the number of columns as you can see but is a little confusing and the grid is uneven against the columns for no actual reason.


I then reset my gird with 6 columns and 8 rows – this feels much better.


Again, I can vary my text columns, according the needs of a page layout.


Deciding on typography – Raleway has a large range of options form very light to extremely bold. I played with the idea of using ‘Ruthie’ partly because as my name Ruth, it made me smile.


However, I was also thinking I’d like to include some statement drop caps, and I wanted a more substantial typeface…This is Abril Fatface. I also like the idea of using a drop cap partly behind the text rather than set around it.


I decided to call my magazine ‘Globetrotter’, heres a selection of images


I created a contents page – not much to say about this, as obviously it needs to display a list as attractively as I could.


I considered using a black background – this large letter A is Raleway, and its not working


What about rotating images for a more dynamic effect?


However I decided to keep this layout in mind perhaps for another article, and explore a large feature image, as the pictures are stunning.



I felt I should push myself beyond simply using just the one image and  the title, though they did look good by themselves?


As I was happy enough with this, I reworked the first layout to use for another set of images

magazinegrid84 magazinegrid85

I still felt I needed a more impactful drop cap than this

magazinegrid94 magazinegrid95

I then reworked my colours and made a few tweaks before deciding to do a final article, which was more text than image heavy. This final one is using some photos one of own – this lovely estuary is just down the road! (Yes I like playing with pink whether its appropriate or not!)


Finally I rearranged the order of the articles to create a bit of variety.

Magazine Sample Pages



magazinegrid106 magazinegrid107







magazinegrid102 magazinegrid103


I think my spacing on the contents page could be better, each section title is a little far away from the numbers. I do like the colour and the large numbers (note to self: non-lining numbers are harder to format!)

The first article (with the large M for Morocco) I prefer the colour scheme in the final version. I still don’t know if the large cap works – I just don’t have the experience to judge.

The second article (‘where next’) is OK I think, not especially imaginative but does the job and hopefully shows the grid is adaptable?

The last article (Utah Dreaming’) is dramatic – but is it cluttered? Should the right hand page be moved to a third page? I don’t know.

Lastly, I suspect in the real world, I may be restricted to a predetermined colour scheme, and perhaps a more rigid number of font sizes (though the body text is all consistent at 11pts the drop caps vary) but I hope I’ve done a reasonable job.

This gave me good experience of working out a grid and then using it – I did subsequently read that magazines very often work to several grids according to what pages they are constructing. This makes sense when you look at magazine layouts as you can see variations at work (including ‘A’ symmetrical columns layouts) which I’d like to try, but I felt were a bit advanced for me at the moment!






Placing photos inside your text–1SZBF8

Numbering & section options

Drop Caps


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