Finding a client

‘As preparation for Assignment Five, first reflect on the area of graphic design you’re currently interested in. With this in mind, write a list of potential clients from the social networks, friends and family you’re in contact with. Do you know anyone who runs a small business or enterprise, is a member of a group or club, or is involved in education or community projects that need design work? You may want to extend your search to local organisations, businesses or community groups. Can any of these provide you with opportunities to develop the kind of work you’re interested in?

Make some preliminary contact with the potential clients you’ve identified to see if they might be interested in working with you on a project. At this stage, think in terms of getting a sense of whether they’re interested and the kinds of projects that might be on offer.

Alternatively, you may find that a project comes your way naturally or you may have a long- standing project that fits into Assignment Five.

Let your tutor know how you’ve got on with this exercise. If you’re having problems they should be able to help.’

Brief 1:

Luckily I have a couple of projects that have emerged on cue. One is for my friend Rachel Burch who is a professional landscape photographer. She has had to scale down her business in recent years due to health problems that severely limit her output, but is doing a brilliant job of making the most of her reduced abilities.

Rachel has been collecting her work to reproduce as a set of oracle cards. She would like me to design a box for the cards and an explanatory leaflet. She has found an online printing company she is happy with and has given me their details so I can view the dimensions and file requirements.

Brief 2:

Secondly, I have links with the Samaritans, and the Barnstaple branch has asked for help with designing certificates and liaising with local printers.

They have been running a poster competition for schools to publicise ’50 years of listening’. I’ve been asked to design a ‘thank-you-for-taking-part’ certificate, to send out to all participating schools, and ‘congratulations’ certificates for the winners.

In addition, selected children’s posters will be reproduced by a professional printer to heighten awareness in the local area. I have agreed to source the most appropriate printing solution.




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