About me

I am a student with the Open College of the Arts, studying Visual Communications. I’m pretty chuffed to say I’m now starting on this level two course! Hooray.

Some time ago I learnt to build websites. I’m not a naturally technical person (I almost quit the first web design lesson in tears.) But it got better. Having learnt the ‘joys’ of HTML, CSS, PHP etc,  five courses later, I’d still learnt nothing about the artistic side – which ultimately is what really interests me. Having found a few clients who actually wanted to pay me for my services, I really wanted to up my game, especially as work like this has lead to a few requests for print services too. Crikey, that is a steep learning curve.

I’ve promised myself, I will completely re-design and update my own website, which is now rather old, and very amateurish. Hopefully by the end of this particular course, I’ll have some more skills under my belt and I can improve what I did before I’d had any formal design training!


Off duty, I love seeing friends, hugging my dog. eating chocolate. The usual stuff. I have recently moved to North Devon so I’m still finding my feet. Health problems restrict my active life, hence working and studying from home. I wouldn’t choose distance learning if I had the choice, but I’m so glad it exists!





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