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Assignment 3



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Poster 1



Poster 2



Poster 3




Poster 4





In response to my tutor’s suggestions, I have made some changes…

I have re-worked my cupcake a little to try and bring in a bit of irony/quirkiness by cutting out shapes relating to “men”, such as a hammer, screwdriver and boxer shorts. If time permitted I would have liked to explore this even further, but I hope this is a more interesting development. You have to look twice to see the objects, which I quite like! Obviously the question I am trying to pose is playful, but really, why do we assign masculinity or femininity to objects or dress?


I also re-introduced the green letter “i” into the poster, as my lack of confidence led me delete it previously! What does it mean? Well I think it really is open for the viewer to decide, but I was aiming for a pared down distilled “essence” of colour. Its on the edge because it is a colour sometimes attached to people who are pushed to the margins, but have plenty of fight! A sort of “pink punch” of defiance perhaps, as I don’t feel this is a “weak”, “weedy” colour!


I’ve printed my posters off at A3 size, and will be posting them for assessment.


Assignment 3 – Roughs

Well. Pink is my favourite colour, so that’s my choice!

I can’t say why, its just cheerful, vibrant, playful and joyful to me. Maybe its because I wore a lot of black as a teenager….

It was really interesting researching this colour,  its a complicated hue representing the utterly trivial, to the very serious.

As I researched the politics and psychology of pink, it made me smile that pink used to be a “boys” colour. Apparently because pink is a tint of red, it was seen as a “strong”, “masculine” colour, while powder blue was  “delicate”, and “feminine.”

Then we changed our minds. But not about the qualities we feel girls and boys ought to have.

“The color pink represents the sweetness and innocence of the child in all of us. It is the color of uncomplicated emotions, inexperience and naiveté. A constant and exclusive use of pink can often lead you to become immature, silly and girlish, abandoning your adult responsibilities.”


Its widely known that some prison cells were also painted in pink to make the (male) prisoner feel more passive. Its been observed that this is temporary though. Inmates often become even more agitated once they become accustomed to the colour. Hmmm…

Then there’s the website Pink Stinks

Uh oh. Here she is.


I’m pleased to say that I genuinely didn’t like Barbie, or my little pony when I was little. Why? The pink wasn’t a realistic colour for horses or furniture. You see my Sindy had a yellow car, and all her equine gear was based on real life colours. Was she strangely proportioned? Er….

Moving on.

We all recognise that Pink sometimes stands for something very different.

It stands for people’s health, lives and dignity. And sometimes in memory.


pink ribbon


I collected many images connected to pink.

I’ve  printed some of them out here as a mood board .



And brain stormed a bit…

image image image

Then I got started experimenting, both on and off the computer.

kuler pinks 2kuler pinks 3kuler pinks

pink and green-01

pin and green 2-01

Some ideas were forming… I really want to try a torn paper effect similar to this one I did for GCSE art years ago!

photo 4

…I really like flamingos. They have such a gorgeous shape…

image image


I’m also very drawn to cup cakes. Its not original, but maybe I can get away with it by calling it ironic??

Here’s some pen and paper ideas for posters


And some roughs in colour.


I decided I wanted a hand painted A3 sized background in pink for my poster, so I used acrylics on better quality paper. As you can see I’ve used permanent rose, and zinc white. You could (if you squint?) see a suggestion of a shimmer of ‘water’, in reference to sunrise/sunset.

photo 1

And I collected tissue paper, photos, fabric, and buttons for these cupcakes. Unfortunately I don’t have any “before and after” pics, as I didn’t think of pausing half way through!


Here’s what I did…I printed off a polka dot dress I found on the internet, turned it upside down and cut the skirt to shape.  Then I gathered the other materials, ripped them, and glued everything into place.!

Here are the results. Not sure if it works better with or without buttons.


I just need to lighten the white background, and add some text, which I’ll upload in the finished assignment section.

This font is Bray. I used it to fill the space with phrases related to pink. Its playful, and a bit ‘scruffy’!

allaboutpinkpink stinks1

I chose Futura here, as its so sleek and crisp. I wanted a font with a rounded dot above the “i”. There’s a name for this isn’t there? Just googled it. Yes. In typography its called the Tittle.

green dot green stalk


And some paper print outs. (A few problems with the paper blowing away)

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4photo 1

You can see with this last one that I folded the paper in half – I like way it changes the typography. I’ve chosen for the word to be only partly visible, as I really like the effect of the shape of the letters hovering out of view. Maybe its rising up, or sinking down…

It was fun to pick out parts in green, but I’m not sure the emphasis makes sense. So my final decision was to simplify to only pink and white.

Some variations (with and without a white left hand border…) I’m undecided…

futuraPinkSidewaysFull Bleed