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Picture Charades

This exercise was fun. My partner got the words instantly for most of these, except the two I’ve re-drawn which were ‘spring watch’ and ‘batman.’ I didn’t attempt anything more ambitious though! (Is that cheating?)

This has led me to ponder exactly how many of the letters of the alphabet can you draw in symbols? It strikes me, not many at all…

Alphabet in symbols

Actually,I have a confession to make. ¬†On my first attempt, I actually FORGOT the alphabet and left out a couple of letters (!) ……..Hmmm. I think that’s actually a very good reminder never to assume some tasks are so basic that mistakes can’t happen. Note to self, check the details!!!!! seems to me that actually very few letters can be reliably represented by instantly recognisable symbols. A Pea would have to be green, the bird would have to actually resemble a Jay etc…Perhaps syllables have more scope? Strange how the same letters can make such different sounds, as in ‘Love’ and ‘Clover’….